Underwater Magic Adhesive & Sealant

Underwater Magic

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At the moment we only can say that our products are used from Hotel Chains, Hotels, construction companies, pool maintance companies and end user in more than 70 countries around the world


Dear Frank,
Thanks, so much!
Your service is top notch!
I'll talk it up. Maybe someone locally will want to
become a distributor.
Best regards,
David, USA

Works as promised, saved us a lot of time and money.
Richard, Maintenance Manager, Spain

After fixing our pool we used the rest to fix our roof, excellent stuff.
Sunee, Thailand

After trying it we just ordered more....
Giorgos, Cyprus

The best stuff we have used to stick tiles underwater, Mandy R., HPB, UK

Works as advertised.
Vijay Construction, Sychelles.

I just want to say a big big thank you to the Underwater magic team that helped me so quick in solving my problem with a leak with my over ground pool. I'm from Limassol Cyprus. The sealant solved my problem in no time. Fantastic stuff and works great underwater. Many Thanks again to the team. Great job and keep it up :-)))
Louis L. Cyprus


The example below leads to our first product recommendation:Let’s take the case you own a beautiful swimming pool which has some problems. Loose or broken tiles, a small but damaging leak, a loose appliance, grouting that needs reparation…you name it. The work to fix this might sound basic (2 parts epoxy glues, replacement tiles, cement, spatula…). But how basic sounds that you’ll have to empty your swimming pool (wasting time and money), refill the pool with water plus the required chemicals (wasting again both time and money) and what if your swimming pool is a money-maker itself? If it belongs to the hotel or resort you own, or is within a sporting complex, a SPA and wellness center…etc.? Well, that is going to cost you a lot to fix and would be far from being basic, not to mention the complaints from customers and loss of potential business. An underwater adhesive should and could be the answer. There are some 2 parts epoxy glues and fast drying cements on the market that are advertising to work well in such circumstances but the ones I’ve tried (and I’ve tried many) never proved to work. They were either drying too fast, either staying in a rubbery state of aggregation, decomposing in the water, lasting for only a day or two, could never get the mixing right…And finally we found that one component underwater glue that worked. Not cheap, not easy to get, but indeed doing that needed “magic” and solving the problem. Underwater Magic is the first product we have available for you and we have brought this product in closer reach...

We needed it, we found it, we used it and now we recommend it. Roth, Thailand