How easy is it to repair a pool underwater?

If you can handle a tooth paste tube and a kitchen sponge you can do many repairs in your swimming pool yourself.

Underwater Magic Mosaic is the product to use to re-attach mosaic tiles back in place directly underwater.


Step 1: clean the area where he tile needs to be glued on with your kitchen sponge

Step 2: clean  the mosaic tile on the back side and edges.

Step 3: apply a bit of Underwater Magic Mosaic on the mosaic

Step 4: press the mosaic tile firmly back in place

Step 5: use a wood pin or even your finger to smoothen the grout line

Step 6: rub away the access glue with the kitchen sponge or finger


That’s it!


Does it last? Yes it will last for many years Underwater Magic Mosaic is made to last in all kinds of swimming pools.


Can I use any underwater glue? NO. Only the Underwater Water Magic products are made for swimming pools which makes sure that repairs last under the influence of pool chemicals and they are the only non-hazardous  products which makes them the safest way to repair a pool yourself.


Why do the others do not last? Pool chemicals are very aggressive to any kind of adhesives and sealants and they dilute all other products in a matter of weeks.


The Underwater magic technic tem is constantly working with the pool chemical manufactures to make sure a repair done with an Underwater Magic product will last for years