Are you ready for the swimming pool season?

Underwater Magic adhesive and sealant
Underwater Magic adhesive and sealant pool glue underwater repair

1. are your pool chemicals and testing set’s still in date
2. are they in good condition
3. are your pool cleaning tools ready to be used
4. have you contacted your pool shop for a water analysing date
5. are your safety rings and tools complete
6. check your first aid kit
7. evaluate if you need a refresher on your first aid skills
8. is your pump working
9. check if your pool is loosing water
10. have you got Underwater Magic at hand to do necessary repairs
underwater and in wet areas

How can a swimming pool help a complete neighbourhood?


Underwater Magic adhesive and sealant
Underwater Magic adhesive and sealant pool glue underwater repair

Increasing droughts around the world are a problem, water cuts are more often and longer. Swimming pools in the backyard  become a source of water for toilets not to waste the valuable drinking water and firefighters may knock at the door to use the pool water to refill the trucks.

Be kind a help in times of need and make sure your pool is not leaking,  every drop counts.

Underwater Magic products can help you to save water by enabling you to do most repairs direct underwater.

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Challenges of owning a swimming pool

Underwater Magic adhesive and sealant
Underwater Magic adhesive and sealant pool glue underwater repair

Replacing tiles underwater, fixing vinyl above ground and in ground pools, sealing cracks in concrete pools are challenges pool owners around the world are facing.

what can be used in my specific pool is the question coming up and can I use it underwater, do I need special tools??????

Dear pool owners here is the only absolut head age free solution Underwater Magic adhesive and sealant got developed 7 years ago to be used in all kinds of pools and any type of sanitizing system and any climate zone. it is used in more than 80 countries around the world with long lasting results. It stays flexible even after years underwater and is used in pools from pools for the Olympics to the private pool in a backyard.

The technical and research department is always testing compatibility with new sanitizing systems pool construction materials to make sure you can use the Underwater Magic products in your pool and the best is “no special tools to buy” easy to use. Long lasting repairs is what they have in mind when Underwater Magic was made for the use underwater, in wet areas and in empty pools as well.


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Natural stone pools

Underwater Magic adhesive and sealant
Underwater Magic adhesive and sealant pool glue underwater repair

This is a wonderful pool but what if over the years stones are getting loose and worse what if they get loose below the water line.

Emptying a pool of this not an easy task. In many counties pool water needs special disposal due to the chemical composition of the pool water, which can cost a lot of money and time.

Than the repair, some countries with drought problems require a application to refill the pool and the permit is not granted.

Summer is passing quickly and the only thing you want is to fix the loose stones, you want to keep the water in the pool and enjoy the summer.

Years ago Underwater Magic adhesive and sealant came on the market to do many different kinds of repairs in swimming pools in wet areas and underwater, to prevent the head age mentioned above and to save money, time and chemicals and is still the perfect lasting solution for all kinds of swimming pools. The color sand and grey are the most used colors in natural pools blending in perfectly and make an repair nearly invisible.

Using Underwater Magic is efficient, gives peace of mind, saves the summer and is very environmentally friendly.

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Swimming Pool repairs are an essential aspect of any swimming pool maintenance

Swimming Pool repairs are an essential aspect of any swimming pool maintenance, we have the perfect range of swimming pool repair products which are made for direct underwater use.

Underwater Magic products


Our products are fare easier to use than any other underwater compound or two-part epoxy adhesives

All our underwater adhesives designed to do long-lasting underwater repairs in swimming pools, spas, fountains and water features for all climate zones around the world. Used in over 70 countries around the world from pool professionals, hotel maintenance staff and private pool owners alike for many years it has proven to work and last for many years.

The enormous strength and flexibility gives you the possibility to do expansion joints, tile-fiberglass-, liner-, Pebble- or Gunite repairs in and around swimming pools.

Underwater Magic adhesive and sealant has been developed for all kinds of pools and sanitizing systems for commercial as well as residential and is also often used to rescue and repair above ground pools.

The 5 colors of Underwater Magic adhesive and sealant 290 ml are the only way to do all swimming pool repairs in one go.

• re-glueing tiles and doing the grout line at the same time in a matching color

• blue to repair leaks and cracks in fiberglass and above ground pools to give the best look and seal instantly

• sand for grout lines which are years old when white would stick out too much

• gray is mostly used for expansion joints and gray grouted pools

• black for granite pools and fountains

• patch a vinyl or liner pool horizontal and vertical underwater in a few minutes with the color which matches your liner best. Repair or patch a pool without draining the water or the need to use a vinyl pool repair kit

• suitable for pools using a robotic pool cleaner as well


Mosaic pools are having loose or broken tiles from time to time and big tubes of adhesives are a waste of money. We heard your call and developed Underwater Magic Mosaic 120 g in the handy “no tool” squeezes tube it is coming in the color white to replace your grout line in one go.


We also have our Underwater Magic Putty 56 g in white for small underwater repairs, we recommend it for temporally repairs. Our scientific and field test team statement: our epoxy based product will stay flexible under the influence of swimming pool water but like other flexible epoxy products it will get rock solid hard and then brittle away over al long period. That’s why we recommend epoxy for temporarily repairs only.

Our technical support team of pool pro’s and scientists is 365 days a year here for you to make your pool repair easy

How can we help you today?

Does your Pool need a repair in the middle of the summer

The worst case scenario for all pool owners in the summer:

The pool needs an urgent repair!

Leaking skimmers are often the reason for a water loos in a pool and  is big problem for any pool, since this can lead to a structural damage.
Lowering the water level to do a repair in dry conditions cost a lot of water and chemicals.

Loose or broken tiles are the main reason for cut feet in swimming pools,  but emptying the whole pool in the middle of the summer is not an option but needs to be done, in conventional repairs, to prevent swimmers injuries.

Screws of drain covers, lights or ladders are getting lose and it is impossible to get them tightened.

Pool vinyl of above ground pools got damaged from pet’s ,lawn mowers etc. or the bottom seal got loose over time.

There are many reasons for pool repairs when the summer is in full swing and the pool can’t be emptied for commercial reasons,  family peace and / or it is simply too expensive.

There are even countries where you have to apply for a permission to empty and fill a pool from the government and that takes time or get denied for reasons like drought, disposal of the water issues etc.

A repair underwater is the only solution to save the summer, but is there a way that underwater repairs in swimming pools last?
Due to the pool chemicals attacking the repair all the time even in a saltwater pools or with one of the new sanitising systems where it seems no one has experience if a repair would last.

The answer is yes!

Scientists and pool pros have developed a magical product  which is made for underwater swimming pool repair and sealant work.

Lasting results was what they had in mind when they started the project and in 2010 Underwater Magic adhesive and sealant has been launched on the market.

Since then the lab and technical team constantly test the compatibility with Underwater Magic with new sanitizing systems to make sure it is compatible with old and new systems alike.
Before an Underwater Magic product gets launched extensive field tests have been carried out in many climate zones to make sure they work well from desert to tropical conditions indoors and outdoors.

Now after 7 years Underwater Magic products are used in more than 70 countries and hundreds of points of sale and online shops around the world are making sure that the Underwater Magic products are at hand when needed.

The team of Underwater Magic is working hard for one goal only: to make pool repairs easier, cost efficient and possible without the hassle of emptying a swimming pool.

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Above Ground Pools can be repaired with Underwater Magic


Above ground pools are catching damages easily from:

Lawn mowers

Sharp edged toys

Gardening tools



Punctures, cuts, ripped areas and leaking bottoms are the most common problems in above ground pools.

Exchanging the pool over and over again is not the only solution.

Above ground pools can be repaired even when the water is inside with Underwater Magic adhesive and sealant. The enormous strength of Underwater Magic and the fact that it cures underwater brings pool repair to the next level. It is resistant to all pool chemicals in the mixture for healthy swimming for all kinds of sanitizing systems.
above ground, repair, safe water

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Cost efficacy tip number 1 for your swimming pool

Many people which have bought a house with a swimming pool for the first time are shocked about their electricity bill.

Before accusing the kids or partner wasting energy have a look at your pool pump system. Many houses with pool have their pump

since the time the pool was build. When looking at the pump  it is like looking at an old sometimes almost historical refrigerator which

would have been replaced directly when moving into the house. Often replacing the pump to a nowadays low energy consumption pump will save you a lot of money,

is far more environmentally friendly and  maintains family peace. There are many different models on the market and looking at a solar powered model and/ or a

combination of  pump and heating system could also extant your pool summer.

(C) Profi-Glue
Underwater Magic  old pool pump

Enjoy your summer!

Storm at the pool

After a bad storm a pool needs special care, if you have no fundamental experience how to do it, it is the time to get a pool pro in, to show you what need to be done and how it need to be done.

To do each step at the right time is essential and it would be trying to save money at the wrong end without expert advice.

You can do a lot of harm to the structure and armatures and at the end your pools is still unbalanced, cloudy and or full of algae.

What is the advantage to repair a pool underwater?

It is pretty obvious that an empty pool is a dangerous whole in the ground and a massive loss of income for a commercial pool owner.

pool repair underwater



You are having a hotel and you have to announce that your pool is closed for repairs for 2 weeks or longer, you don’t know when to schedule it to minimize the loss of income.

It is very lightly that guests will not book your hotel for the time the pool is empty and spent their holydays in another hotel nearby where the pool is ready to jump in.

The worst case scenario is that these guests are never coming back to your hotel ever because they liked the hotel of your competition.

What can be done to prevent emptying the pool when tiles are loose, expansion joint needs to be fixed or replaced or the pool is losing water because the skimmers are leaking etc…

The answer is very easy , the repair can be done directly underwater with Underwater Magic adhesive and sealant, the only proven product which adheres underwater and lasts for years to come.

The reason is Underwater Magic adhesive and sealant is the only product designed for swimming pools and the chemicals used in swimming pools.

The Underwater Magic team is constantly in contact with the pool chemical industry to make sure that Underwater Magic adhesive and sealant  is compatible with the latest technology in pool chemicals and sanitizing systems. It is up to you if you want to keep your pool open and your guests happy, besides fixing a pool underwater saves you thousands $/€/Peso…..


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