Natural stone pools

Underwater Magic adhesive and sealant
Underwater Magic adhesive and sealant pool glue underwater repair

This is a wonderful pool but what if over the years stones are getting loose and worse what if they get loose below the water line.

Emptying a pool of this not an easy task. In many counties pool water needs special disposal due to the chemical composition of the pool water, which can cost a lot of money and time.

Than the repair, some countries with drought problems require a application to refill the pool and the permit is not granted.

Summer is passing quickly and the only thing you want is to fix the loose stones, you want to keep the water in the pool and enjoy the summer.

Years ago Underwater Magic adhesive and sealant came on the market to do many different kinds of repairs in swimming pools in wet areas and underwater, to prevent the head age mentioned above and to save money, time and chemicals and is still the perfect lasting solution for all kinds of swimming pools. The color sand and grey are the most used colors in natural pools blending in perfectly and make an repair nearly invisible.

Using Underwater Magic is efficient, gives peace of mind, saves the summer and is very environmentally friendly.

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