Swimming Pool repairs are an essential aspect of any swimming pool maintenance

Swimming Pool repairs are an essential aspect of any swimming pool maintenance, we have the perfect range of swimming pool repair products which are made for direct underwater use.

Underwater Magic products


Our products are fare easier to use than any other underwater compound or two-part epoxy adhesives

All our underwater adhesives designed to do long-lasting underwater repairs in swimming pools, spas, fountains and water features for all climate zones around the world. Used in over 70 countries around the world from pool professionals, hotel maintenance staff and private pool owners alike for many years it has proven to work and last for many years.

The enormous strength and flexibility gives you the possibility to do expansion joints, tile-fiberglass-, liner-, Pebble- or Gunite repairs in and around swimming pools.

Underwater Magic adhesive and sealant has been developed for all kinds of pools and sanitizing systems for commercial as well as residential and is also often used to rescue and repair above ground pools.

The 5 colors of Underwater Magic adhesive and sealant 290 ml are the only way to do all swimming pool repairs in one go.

• re-glueing tiles and doing the grout line at the same time in a matching color

• blue to repair leaks and cracks in fiberglass and above ground pools to give the best look and seal instantly

• sand for grout lines which are years old when white would stick out too much

• gray is mostly used for expansion joints and gray grouted pools

• black for granite pools and fountains

• patch a vinyl or liner pool horizontal and vertical underwater in a few minutes with the color which matches your liner best. Repair or patch a pool without draining the water or the need to use a vinyl pool repair kit

• suitable for pools using a robotic pool cleaner as well


Mosaic pools are having loose or broken tiles from time to time and big tubes of adhesives are a waste of money. We heard your call and developed Underwater Magic Mosaic 120 g in the handy “no tool” squeezes tube it is coming in the color white to replace your grout line in one go.


We also have our Underwater Magic Putty 56 g in white for small underwater repairs, we recommend it for temporally repairs. Our scientific and field test team statement: our epoxy based product will stay flexible under the influence of swimming pool water but like other flexible epoxy products it will get rock solid hard and then brittle away over al long period. That’s why we recommend epoxy for temporarily repairs only.

Our technical support team of pool pro’s and scientists is 365 days a year here for you to make your pool repair easy

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