Does your Pool need a repair in the middle of the summer

The worst case scenario for all pool owners in the summer:

The pool needs an urgent repair!

Leaking skimmers are often the reason for a water loos in a pool and  is big problem for any pool, since this can lead to a structural damage.
Lowering the water level to do a repair in dry conditions cost a lot of water and chemicals.

Loose or broken tiles are the main reason for cut feet in swimming pools,  but emptying the whole pool in the middle of the summer is not an option but needs to be done, in conventional repairs, to prevent swimmers injuries.

Screws of drain covers, lights or ladders are getting lose and it is impossible to get them tightened.

Pool vinyl of above ground pools got damaged from pet’s ,lawn mowers etc. or the bottom seal got loose over time.

There are many reasons for pool repairs when the summer is in full swing and the pool can’t be emptied for commercial reasons,  family peace and / or it is simply too expensive.

There are even countries where you have to apply for a permission to empty and fill a pool from the government and that takes time or get denied for reasons like drought, disposal of the water issues etc.

A repair underwater is the only solution to save the summer, but is there a way that underwater repairs in swimming pools last?
Due to the pool chemicals attacking the repair all the time even in a saltwater pools or with one of the new sanitising systems where it seems no one has experience if a repair would last.

The answer is yes!

Scientists and pool pros have developed a magical product  which is made for underwater swimming pool repair and sealant work.

Lasting results was what they had in mind when they started the project and in 2010 Underwater Magic adhesive and sealant has been launched on the market.

Since then the lab and technical team constantly test the compatibility with Underwater Magic with new sanitizing systems to make sure it is compatible with old and new systems alike.
Before an Underwater Magic product gets launched extensive field tests have been carried out in many climate zones to make sure they work well from desert to tropical conditions indoors and outdoors.

Now after 7 years Underwater Magic products are used in more than 70 countries and hundreds of points of sale and online shops around the world are making sure that the Underwater Magic products are at hand when needed.

The team of Underwater Magic is working hard for one goal only: to make pool repairs easier, cost efficient and possible without the hassle of emptying a swimming pool.

Get in touch, they are always there for you or look up for a dealer near you in the where to buy section at:

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