How many hours need a pool pump to run?

In some parts of the world, pool owners can keep their pools open all year around.

In such an area, you can run your pump less during the colder months 4 to 6 hours a day.

When it’s hot outside, pump and filter need to run for 8 to 12 hours a day especially if you use the pool a lot.

You need to keep that water clean and balanced as well as moving and moving, so don’t run into any problems, such as an algae growth or cloudy water, just to save a few pennies.

The water change and chemicals to get your pool back in balance cost more, trust me.

Balanced pools last longer cost less and they are more fun !

1 thought on “How many hours need a pool pump to run?”

  1. It’s interesting that you should use the pump for 8-12 hours a day if it’s hot and you are using the pool often. Considering how long it is being used having a reliable pool pump that won’t die out on you would probably be pretty important. We are planning on getting a pool in our backyard this summer so I wonder if the contractor who will be setting it all up for us can recommend a good put to get.

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