Crack repair in a swimming pool underwater

Ageing, movements of the ground due to pool weight and  earthquakes are only some reasons for a swimming pool shells to crack.

To empty the pool is so expensive and an empty pool can even crack more, what can be done?

Filing and sealing cracks in swimming pools is so easy, all you need is Underwater Magi adhesive and sealant in a matching color a caulking gun for pasty martials,

a kitchen sponge and sand paper.

Step 1. Remove all loose and brittle material together with algae, dirt and grease with the kitchen sponge, use the sandpaper for the inner side of the crack.

Step 2. Apply Underwater Magic adhesive and sealant into the cracked area, press it firmly into the crack to ensure a good bond.

Step 3. Smile you are done with your underwater crack repair    


Underwater Magic earth quake tested underwater repair pool glue

Underwater Magic adhesive and sealant is sealing the crack instantly and it stays flexible to last when you pool shell is moving for whatever reason. It is earthquake tested in a real earthquake of a magnitude of 5.5 on the Richter scale  just 2 KM away from the center of the earthquake and it is a permanent repair solution for all kind of pools including chlorinate swimming pools.  

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